Now let’s learn about Native vs Invasive Blackberry!

Hey friends,
This week the team has continued to sheer mulch at Cerrito Creek and weed at Wildcat Creek.

Now let’s learn about Native vs Invasive BlackBerry!
Native Blackberry or Pacific Blackberry (Rubus ursinus) has 3 leaflets, small skinny thorns, and is dioecious, only a female plant can produce berries.
Pacific Blackberry is awesome to grow in our creeks because it can be used for erosion control!
Invasive blackberry known as Himalayan Blackberry ( Rubus armeniacus) has 3-5 leaflets, thick thorns, and grows rapidly. Invasive blackberry can make it hard for native plants to thrive, it is important to keep it well maintained and trimmed back.

Can you guys tell which is the Native and Invasive blackberry?

Here are a few photos from this week’s Watershed Crew workdays: