Keeping the Greenway Safe from Illegal Dumping

We are keeping it moving this week on the Richmond Greenway!

At 16th street, UNITY PLAZA, and the Edible Forest we are taking time to prepare the Edible Forest for winter by mulching deeply underneath the trees.

Take a walk by the Edible Forest and smell that delicious cedar mulch!
At the 6th Street Community Gardens, we are wrapping up summer with a series of very popular FREE Farm Stands. We are also preparing for winter planting of native and pollinator plants and fruit trees in the pollinator garden beds.
Of course, our struggle with trash continues … but we are committed to keeping our heads up and letting the thank you’s from the neighbors recharge our spirits as we continue to face weekly avalanches of illegal dumping at 4th street.
But we have a plan for all of this illegal dumping … and it looks like the California Coastal Commission is going to help us realize it!
Stay tuned!
More news on this soon…