How is Soul Health Connected to Community Health?

Happy Friday everyone! Here’s a recap of week 4 for SYAP here at the North Richmond Farm. This week we centered the question: “How is soil health connected to community health?” We explored this question by discussing and nurturing our relationships to food, the land, and each other. On Monday we helped our friends at the Rudy Lozito Fellowship with CSA harvest as well as prepared salad and tacos, then on Tuesday we got the chance to connect directly with the soil by helping RLF fellows with turning and prepping a bed for planting, as well as creating a “compost lasagna”! Wednesday was our all-site workday at Unity Park, where the NRF leads facilitated the collaborative creation of a pumpkin patch amidst the edible forest. On Thursday we had our awesome guest speaker Kelsey from Seeds of Solidarity come out and give a lesson on a variety of topics related to soil, from soil ecology to land access. To wrap up our week, we had a conversation broadly connecting all the topics we have explored thus far in the program while enjoying grilled kebabs with zucchini grown here at the farm! Tune in next week to find out how our camping trip goes!