Spring 2024

Phase IV: Heart of the Farm  (Cafe, Commercial Kitchen, Herb Shed, and Amphitheater)

During the final phase of construction will build the cafe, community commercial kitchen, an amphitheater, and permanent office for Urban Tilth.  The Community Commercial Kitchen will make it possible to host cooking demonstrations, workshops, as well as to process produce grown on the farm to make jam or sauces, for example, but also it will be a place for local residents to use the commercial kitchen for their food enterprises they can afford that will make it possible to make a profit and grow their businesses towards sustainability. During this phase we will also install the History Walk which is envisioned as an homage to the history of North Richmond in collaboration with local artists, using inset tiles and interpretative signage incorporating historic photographs and stories from North Richmond’s rich past. We are collaborating with the Richmond History Museum and community elders to gather the history, photos, and stories that will illustrate this project.

Architectural Designs Phase IV

Program Elements: Cafe, Commercial Kitchen, Amphitheater, and Herb Processing Shed

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