Jacob Coronado


My name is Jacob. I live in Richmond, CA and this job is the first time I’m doing something like this. I have had some experience working in this field because I helped my dad and uncles build their own garden and grow their own vegetables. I enjoy the job I have because it combines many things I have wanted to learn about. Some things for example are how to grow multiple things and what can be planted with what and if they benefit from it and grow better together.

Yesenia Madriz


Hello! My name is Yesenia Madriz, I am 22 years old and this is my first time doing anything farm related. I never knew we had a farm so close to my community so having the opportunity to step into that space and learn from it is so beautiful. One thing I’ve noticed is that the community is so grounded and giving which is not surprising but definitely comforting. There’s so much to learn and every time you think you know something there’s something else that ties into it which can be overwhelming at times but here at the Rudy Lozito Fellowship,  we have each other to rely on and to help. There’s always so much knowledge being passed around. We’ve discussed intercropping, indigenous practices used to tend land, permaculture, and much more! We still have 6 months to go and I can’t imagine all that we are going to learn! I’m excited because at first I didn’t think I was worthy of stepping into a position I knew mainly nothing about but now I’m expanding my knowledge with people that care for the earth the same way and it’s magnificent!

Markesha Brown


In a nutshell, I have a love of creating beautiful natural spaces, learning new information that completely changes the trajectory of things for the better. Lively things are what connect me to a nicer world. I love the comfort of culture, aesthetically pleasing everything, bold colors, rich, pastel, print or pattern. To name a few. All that aside, I have a strong passion for growing food.

Marbella Jimenez


Being born and raised in a rapidly changing San Francisco, I’ve learned to value and rely on community to feel rooted, supported, and taken care of. Holding these values deep in my heart has guided me to Urban Tilth’s North Richmond farm where I hope to embody more of what it means to love on and tend to your community (& not just the people, but the plants and animals too!) Outside of farming I enjoy playing guitar, hanging out with my cat, cooking food with loved ones, and sharing conversations with friends. 

Sierra Salome


I’m Sierra Salome, an artist who has been inwardly cultivating through art and eagerly learning to tangibly cultivate with the earth. Prior to this fellowship I’ve spent some eye-and-mind-opening time during the summers volunteering in gardens, and only a month into the program I feel more tapped in with the land than I imagined possible. I’m infinitely grateful for the lessons and connections that are abundant in this work as I reconnect with nature, remembering that I am nature. 

Peter Gonzales


I am Peter Golzales Learning about, cooking and growing wild food and herbs brings me joy. Being here at the Rudy Lozito Fellowship has been a wonderful invigorating experience so far. We’ve had many opportunities to grow and taste a variety of plants and fruits. Also to learn about various native plants, invasive plants, pollinators, flowers, and the relationships amongst all the life here at the North Richmond Farm. I am also an avid musician and enjoy playing various flutes, whistles and woodwinds.

Daniela Tabora

Rudy Lozito Fellowship Program Manager

My name is Daniela, I joined Urban Tilth this year, as the Rudy Lozito Fellowship manager where we teach 6 adults of mixed ages and experience Land based skills. My journey reconnecting back with the land began through herbalism, and wanting to preserve the inter-generational wisdom that surrounded plant medicine and my lineage. My passion lies in bridging the access to resources to my community, be it knowledge, space or opportunity, I strongly believe that our Black and Brown communities should be at the forefront of access to these things. I love how Urban Tilth centers so much of their work around community engagement and truly feel like I’ve gotten a step closer to my purposeful work with working at UT. Aside from being a lover of the land, I also find my creative expression through painting, writing and dancing. Overall I love creating room for joy and child-like excitement in everything I do.