D’merris Hunter

Garden Coordinator

Arleide Da Silva Santos

Greenway Community Organizer

Elysiana Ayroso-Lunamcgee

Garden Coordinator

Elysiana Ayroso-Lunamcgee started working for Urban Tilth in 2021 and has been impactful in the growth at the North Richmond Farm. Born and raised in Richmond, however, she went to school in Pinole. She wanted to reclaim her roots and become a real member of our amazing city. Urban Tilth has been a great match for her because she also wanted to combat food insecurity for the people living in poverty.

Roderick Alexander

Garden Coordinator

Roderick, or Rod as we know him, is a Greenway Garden coordinator and has worked for Urban Tilth for over 5 years. He enjoys all work he does, from maintaining the Edible Forest, to putting on community events for the neighbors of the Greenway. He loves the fact that the healthy food he helps grow and care for goes right back to the local community. Rod loves seeing all the smiles and joy that comes through the Greenway Gardens.