Isabella Zizi

Farm Stands and Added Value Products Manager

Isabella is the Farm to Table CSA Added Value Product Manager. If you know Isabella, you know she’s always standing up for clean air, water, and soil for everyone and the generations beyond, using non-violent direct actions and teach-ins. At Idle No More SF Bay, she’s taking on more of a leadership role, since this group used to be led by indigenous grandmothers, and is now passing it onto the younger generation, along with their intergeneration wisdom. Isabella is also a signatory on the Indigenous Women of the Americas Defending Mother Earth Treaty. Isabella loves finding ways to “cross-pollinate” with organizers, especially those pushing back against the destruction and harm committed by refineries and oil industries across the globe. 

Urban Tilth’s mission compliments everything she’s been pushing out, especially with things like sustainability, food sovereignty, environmental justice…it was the perfect fit and she’s been a great addition to Urban Tilth’s work as well. With a space like this, she finds it easier to connect with the younger generation who share similar values and are interested in the path that she’s been following. It also allows for more local connections, and informing one another about issues (like Chevron flaring nearby), actions, etc. Isabella was nominated for Contra Costa County 2017 Commuter of the year and received the 2015 Proclamation Letter in the City of Richmond, in honor of Native American Heritage Month.